Product Lines

Raw Materials for Paint & Printing Ink

We provide a wide range of organic solvents, pigments, and coating materials for paint and ink industries.


Raw Materials for Urethane

We also provide diverse urethane materials and engage in active cooperation with business partners in China, South-East Asia, and South America as well as Japan.


Raw Materials for Resin

We provide basic chemical materials, additives, and high functional chemicals for synthetic resin, rubber, paper chemical supply, and car chemical industries.



Our scope also extends to basic and wide-ranging other chemicals, including oleochemicals and we are happy to provide proposals on request.


Raw Materials for Adhesives

We offer an exceptional business network covering Japan, Asia, and beyond to provide a comprehensive range of solvents, monomers, silicone, and more.


Electronic Material

We provide polarizing plate materials and LED encapsulants and deal in wide-ranging commodities to supply our customers, both in and outside Japan.


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